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"Assemble Us" is a new series by MGXS, brought to you by EXA Market. This series, comprising 49 artworks, explores the relationship between nature, machines and humans.

Whilst there are still some remote areas of the world that are untouched by humans, very few areas of human life are untouched by machines.

Every aspect of our lives is affected by, informed by and guided by machines. We are more merged together than ever. It feels like we are evolving towards a more synthetic existence but this is only in our minds. Because of the expansion of our capabilities that these machines afford us, we think we could solve any problem at any time if we find the right piece of technology.

"Assemble Us" is like a mirror - reflecting part humans, part machines, designed and assembled to fit perfectly. This perfection though, is elusive, as these two forces try to interact and assimilate with each other.

Fernando Magalhães, aka MGXS

Fernando Magalhães, aka MGXS, is a visual artist based in Portugal, who works by creating images using algorithms.

He has always been interested in automation, creating protocols, and developing tools that amplify his ideas, as well as exploring different aesthetics.

Over the past few years, his great need to create, refine and evolve existing shapes, patterns and forms, has been channeled into a software technique that would allow him to create infinite digital outputs. Fernando acts as the catalyst for an artwork not by creating one piece, but establishing a protocol that creates infinite varieties.

Website - | Instagram - mgxs_co | Twitter - mgxs_co


Where does one go to purchase the Assemble Us NFT collection?

The collection will go on sale on this page on February 24th at 3pm CET.

How many pieces are there in the Assemble Us NFT collection?

There are 48 total pieces in the collection (excluding the auction artwork).

Each piece is an individual artwork and is sold individually, but you can also assemble a full set of 8 pieces to complete one of the 6 sets.
The sets are: Crimson, Indigo, Bismuth, Aquamarine, Steel and Marigold.
The pieces comprising each set are: Sight, Thought, Breath, Touch, Reach, Sense, Perception and Instinct.

What is the schedule for the drop?

One animation piece will be auctioned on this page during NFT Paris on February 24th at 3pm CET.

Each day, we will be releasing a different number of pieces for sale with parts from each set included:

February 27th - 8 pieces
February 28th - 6 pieces
March 1st - 6 pieces
March 2nd - 4 pieces
March 3rd - 4 pieces
March 4th - 4 pieces
March 5th - 2 pieces
March 6th - 2 pieces

10 pieces are reserved for MGXS community and 2 pieces for EXA Market community.

Are the sets being released in one drop?

Over the 8 days, we will be selling pieces from each of the 6 sets.

What is the price point of the Assemble Us NFTs?

The auction will have a starting bid price of $4,000 in ALGO.

Each artwork will cost $2,000 in ALGO.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable causes, close to both EXA Market and MGXS.
More details of which will be shared soon.

Are there events planned surrounding the collection?

Online events will be hosted by EXA Market and MGXS with full details to be shared shortly.
We’ll be at NFT Paris on February 24-25th at The Grand Palais Éphémère.

Is there any utility planned for the Assemble Us NFTs? Will there be a burn mechanism?

Art is the utility. There is no roadmap. There is no burn mechanism planned.

How does the Assemble Us collection relate to the GNSS Art collection on the Ethereum blockchain?

Assemble Us is a collection which combines the elements of nature, synthesis, and machines. It is a distinct and separate collection from GNSS Art.
There is no crossover planned as these two NFT projects.

Are there any benefits or allowlist available for holders of GNSS Art?

We do have something special for GNSS Art holders with the Assemble Us collection. More details about the 10 pieces reserved for the GNSS community will be announced in the GNSS Art Discord as we approach the February 24th launch. There will also be two online events, one hosted by EXA Market and one by MGXS, where you’ll get more insight into the collaboration, process and inspiration for the work.

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