2023 Latin American Art Drop

By EXA Market


15 artists.
15 unique artworks (1 of 1s).

Experience the vibrant spirit of Latin American culture through a groundbreaking NFT drop that celebrates the essence of freedom, resilience, creativity, and environmental awareness.

Starting on November 9th, 15 artworks will be auctioned for a week.
All the pieces presented are 1 of 1 NFTs.

c3rb3rus and his d0gs
By j4c0b0 bl4nd0n
Liberté on a unconventional way
By lausof
Happy Huaco
By sayrimoon
The Carbon Turtles' Release
By Zandor
Phantom of The Sea
By Adricci
By Superama
Mia Libertad
By Loloentinta
My place of peace
By Maisha Rondón
Expression Notes
By Fernix
copy cult
By treeskulltown
The Last Sandwich
By Jamex Corp
Verde Vivo / Vivid Green
By Ananá
BE 3_817
By Mercurio
everything in everything
By Bure

Discover a unique NFT collection,
a fusion of art and impact! 🌱

Verified Soil Credits (VSC) are our secret weapon against climate change.

In Chihuahua (Mexico), 13.4 hectares of degraded land, a result of overgrazing, have been successfully reforested, saving soil, capturing carbon, and preserving biodiversity. Since September 2021, we've saved 97 tons of soil.

WE are 15 artists and you have the power to support us.
Join us in our mission to shape a greener future.
Buy an NFT to make a difference!

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